Day 1

Jan 24th, 2022 · 2 min read

I turned 30 years old today, and to celebrate, I’ve started a blog. Despite the title of this post, today has actually been a long time coming. I’ve attempted to launch different versions of this blog so many times over the years, but I always seemed to talk myself out of it.

What will I write about? What if I’m lousy at it? Is this something I can keep doing, or will I give up? And maybe most worrying: Will people actually care about what I’m saying?

I’d be lying if I said those thoughts are totally gone, but I am finally at a place in life where maybe they don’t matter to me as much anymore. Maybe, after 30 years on this earth, I feel a little bit more content with myself, and a little more confident in my experience. And maybe I’m ready to share some thoughts with the world.

I intend to keep the content of this blog open-ended, but you can likely expect to read about product design, development, technology, mental health, and maybe a few musings about life. I’m painfully aware that I’m not the first to publish about these topics, but I hope that I can offer a unique perspective.

The format and design of the blog itself is also open-ended. My website is a never-ending project in itself, so you can expect to see some updates over time.

If you’re reading this sentence, congrats on making it this far! And hopefully, you’re looking at the beginning of a somewhat interesting collection of thoughts and ideas. I am very glad that you’re here.

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